Erik Wagner

Character Bold


Character Bold

I decided to create a typeface that was very indicative of who I am as a person.

For the Letter Society's 27th project, the goal was to create and design a self-portrait of ourselves. "Dive inward and find ways to express the parts that make you…well you! There are zero restrictions in terms of medium or scope."

Typeface Design


Showing My Character

Wanting to push both myself and the envelope with this challenge, I decided to go in a direction that was more representational of who I am rather than literal. 

I sat myself down and just started exploring letter forms and shapes. I was rather irrational with my letter-making, making decisions based on ‘want’ and ‘feel’ vs. ‘consistency’ and ‘reason’. 



Note to Self

I didn’t really give myself the chance to filter or refine. I was very much in the moment with this project which I think helped it to be some of the truest work I’ve done lately. Designing purely based on my emotions and remaining in the present is probably the purest reflection of myself and how I want to be represented.