Erik Wagner

City Life - Geofilter Series


City Life - Geofilter Series

City Life is a series of Live Events on Snapchat that revolve around giving users a window into the day-to-day life of ordinary people around the globe.

One of the moving pieces when it comes to a Live Event is making sure there are several Geofilters available for use to allow added expression and context.

The mission with this Geofilter series was to create a Geofilter that would be independent of any visual motifs related to that specific city or even the state/country. Each featured city already had Geofilters avaiable that used relevant flags and colors, and this series was to be a departure from that direction.

My solution was to create a series that reference the 'Greetings from (City Name)' motif from classic americana postcards. This series allows for variety and styling that is separate from any city, state, or country flag, but still keeps room for expressive typography and liberal use of color.


City Life: Phoenix in the News

"Snapchat users worldwide received a tour of the Phoenix area Tuesday. The popular photo- and video-sharing app featured shots of the Valley sent in by different users. The photos covered everything from hiking to tubing and heading to an Arizona Diamondbacks game. Phoenix is one of dozens of cities to be featured by Snapchat. The app also explored Manchester, England."

You can read the brief article here.