Erik Wagner

Designscout Badges

Client: The Classic Group

The Classic Group, based out of Chicago, is a vending and beverage services that needed an updated brand to reflect their time-honored brand tenets: Genuine, Enhanced Experiences, Downtown, & Everything's Possible. The direction for this rebrand is a mix of classic american, rugged, yet approachable. 

Workwell Food & Beverage Company is a workplace concession collective.

"At Workwell, our enhanced vending experiences and fast retail innovations are at the center of our independent food and beverage company. With our Everything’s Possible attitude, we nourish the nation’s on‐the‐move workforce with genuine food options and kick‐ass coffee served with reliability and convenience."

Better Coffee. Genuine Food. For Real Life.


Designer: Erik Wagner
Creative Director: Scout Driscoll
Studio: DesignScout
Brand Marketing: Amanda Wurzbach


Designscout Icons & Badges

DesignScout decided to take a moment from making all of their clients looking great to give its own identity a little TLC.

The focus of the work was on DesignScout's web presence. As a part of this project, I was tasked with creating a set of iconography and accompanying badge work that can be used to represent DesignScout's core values and principles as a small business helping small businesses.


Icon Design and Illustration


Because DesignScout's theme as a brand is centered around scouting, the iconography uses metaphors of tools and events centered around the outdoors.