Erik Wagner

Scout Alarms

Client: The Classic Group

The Classic Group, based out of Chicago, is a vending and beverage services that needed an updated brand to reflect their time-honored brand tenets: Genuine, Enhanced Experiences, Downtown, & Everything's Possible. The direction for this rebrand is a mix of classic american, rugged, yet approachable. 

Workwell Food & Beverage Company is a workplace concession collective.

"At Workwell, our enhanced vending experiences and fast retail innovations are at the center of our independent food and beverage company. With our Everything’s Possible attitude, we nourish the nation’s on‐the‐move workforce with genuine food options and kick‐ass coffee served with reliability and convenience."

Better Coffee. Genuine Food. For Real Life.


Designer: Erik Wagner
Creative Director: Scout Driscoll
Studio: DesignScout
Brand Marketing: Amanda Wurzbach


Scout Alarms

Scout is what happens when a hardware hacker, a designer, and a developer are put on a crash course with the current home security industry.

Only 18 percent of homes in the United States have a home security system. It's a miserable process with no alternative. Scout brings you the latest in technology and modern design at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to be protected.

The goal of this project was to rebrand Scout Alarm. Scout wanted to be seen as a legitimate force in the tech startup world and wanted an identity to match. The previous identity featured a bird wearing binoculars with a thin logotype placed underneath. They liked the idea of using a pair of binoculars, but wanted a modern take on the idea to match the sleek, thoughtful design of the sensor products, themselves.

Keywords when thinking about this redesign were: simplicity, friendly, clean, and modern.


Client: Scout Alarms (unused identity)
Designer: Erik Wagner
Studio: Freelance
Services: Identity Design, Web Design, Iconography


I kept the design simple by making the letterforms very geometric with a uniform stroke width.

Inspired by the previous logo, I kept the lowercase 't' for it's friendly and approachable personality. I think the rounded corners on the letterforms also bring a friendly energy to the logotype. Lastly, the bold, thick weight of the letterforms allow it to be seen at both large and small sizes, making manipulation for any interface both easy and effective.


The binoculars mark was created to match the look and feel of the logotype through the simple, thick, geometric shapes and rounded corners. It's a great compliment to the logotype and could easily stand on its own as an app icon, etc.

Add the above design qualities together, I think the final product is a clean, modern, and thoughtful design ready to be embraced by consumers and respected by the tech industry.